History Of Our Business

Amet Me was established in December 2015 under the name Leopard  Jewelry, located in Urumqi City, North Western China. It was the only company that imported natural diamonds directly from South Africa. A combination of top quality merchandise and luxury service enabled the rapid and successful growth of the business.

In October 2021 Amet Me proudly set up its new office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our Supplier

Our supplier is one of South  Africa’s leading diamond and gem wholesalers and jewelry manufacturers. Established in 1986 in Johannesburg, South Africa. They offer a strong partnerships with world-leading industry suppliers in diamonds, tanzanite, mining, cutting, polishing, jewelry-design and craftsmanship for African gemstones.

With a well established source of rough diamonds and gemstones our supplier offers a large selection of polished diamonds and gems. We’ve had a long standing, strong relationship with them since 2010.

Vision and Goals

Amet Me means – bring me good luck & blessing

Just like our name we promote Southern African Diamonds and African gemstones to both SA and international markets. Our  core purpose is to build a new business venture in  South Africa , Europe, North  America and  China bringing  quality  Southern African Diamonds and African gems to people who  value their rarity, purity , and the uniqueness of their nature within  the universe and  their connection with Amet Me.

Personally selected top quality

Southern African Diamonds
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Our Team





Nihan Kadeer    

Founder  of  Amet Me  |  Co-owner  of  Leopard  Jewelry
Location :  Cape  Town,  South  Africa
Local  :  072 230 1265
International : +27 72 230 1265
Email  :  ametme2021@gmail.com

Chantelle Robertson

Stock  Department  and  System Manager

Location :  Cape  Town,  South Africa

Parhat Hebibul  

Founder of AQQU Consulting – Currently  engaged in business  consulting market  research & development, B2B resource docking and related services in the Scandinavian  and  Chinese  Markets .
Location: Stockholm , Sweden
Contact  :  +46  73 657 4657
Email: Parhat@biobridge.se

Sherman Barat

Location : 295 Windsor st.
Cambridge MA, USA.

International : +1 617 710 2262



Tim Watson BSc. F.G.A

Location  :  Cape  Town,  South  Africa

Jewelry Designer

Nihan Kadeer

Location  :  Cape  Town,  South  Africa


What We Offer Our Customers


Wide Choice • Superior Quality • Superior Value • Integrity
All our products come with an independent diamond & gemstone certification by the leading international
laboratories – GIA & EGL

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